From the Smallest details to the Biggest Memory,

there isn't anything we can't do.


Our price is based on your number of guests

100 or less Guests - 5,500

up to 150 Guests - 7,500

up to 200 Guests - 10,000


Included                                                    With Us               Other Venues

  • Table and Chairs                            included                  included
  • Tablecloths                                     included                  included
  • satin & Organza overlays             included                  cost extra
  • Cloth Napkins                                included                  cost extra
  • Chair covers & Sashes                  included                  cost extra
  • Real China & Silverware               included                  cost extra
  • Fresh Flower Centerpieces         included                  cost extra
  • Dry Ice Dance on a cloud            included                  cost extra
  • Wall Washing (up lighting)          included                  cost extra
  • 7500 led light show                      included                  cost extra
  • Brides Bouquet                             included                  cost extra
  • Toss Bouquet                                included                   cost extra
  • Maid of Honor & 3 Bridesmaids  included                  cost extra
  • Grooms bout                                  included                   cost extra
  • Best Man & 3 Groomsmen           included                  cost extra
  • Flower Girl flowers                       included                   cost extra
  • Ring Bearer flowers                     included                   cost extra
  • 2 Mother corsages                       included                   cost extra
  • 2 Fathers bouts                             included                   cost extra
  • 2 Grandmothers corsages          included                   cost extra
  • 2 Grandfathers  bouts                 included                    cost extra
  • 2 ring boxes                                  included                    cost extra
  • Fireworks                                      included                    cost extra
  • Movie theater                               included                    cost extra
  • Set up & Tear Down                    included                    cost extra
  • Wedding Coordinator                included                     cost extra
  • Not to mention over an acre of Botanical Gardens privately yours for Your Big Day.....

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